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Outdoor Sports Facilities of the German School of Athens (in collaboration with Katerina Daskalaki)

Project type

Sports Facilities




Maroussi, Athens


Katerina-Olympia Daskalaki, Myrto Matala


Babis Louizidis-Katerina Glinou, Nikolas Kargadouris

Structural Engineering

Panagiotis Poniridis

MEP Engineers

Simvoli-Stefanos Papadopoulos

Garden Designers:

Archetopo-Shagik Berberian,Nikola Galiatsou

Project Team

Giota Dalangeli, Petros Karageorgos, Angelos Kioulos, Nikos Rossis, Iasonas Zervas, Valerian Portokalis, Xenia Stoumpou, Anastasia Tsikli, Anthi Verikiou, Ilias Papageorgiou, Gerasimos Papadopoulos, Xenia Stoumpou, Maria Sereti, Eliza Skordili, Panagiotis Tzoukas, Polina Sante, Stathis Chliaoutakis, Mina Psychogiou, Stefania Frousiou, Chara Gavra, Kyriakos Giannakidis, Athanasia Dionysopoulou, Vangelis Barlas


PLETHRON Constructions


-Distinction in the 11th Biennale of Young Greek Architects
-Biennale 11 Exhibition, Teloglion Foundation of Arts, Thessaloniki 16.12.2023-14.01.2023

Transforming the German School of Athens, the new outdoor sports facilities earned the First Prize in an invited architectural design competition. Inspired by the school's legacy, the project seamlessly integrates the existing complex with modern athletic spaces. Everything, from running track to bouldering wall, reflects an inviting and vibrant environment.

Utilizing a carefully planned grid system and a playful zig-zag line, the space is efficiently organized. Concrete tribunes and benches enhance the area, while bright blue and yellow floorings create a lively atmosphere, encouraging kids to enjoy physical activity.

This project aims to create a dynamic space for students and athletes alike. It pays respect to the school's past while embracing a bright future.

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