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DSA (in collaboration with Katerina Daskalaki)

Project type

Landscape Design




Maroussi, Athens


Katerina-Olympia Daskalaki, Myrto Matala

Structural Engineers

Panagiotis Poniridis

MEP Engineers

Simvoli-Stefanos Papadopoulos

Garden Designers

Archetopo-Shagik Berberian,Nikola Galiatsou

Transportation Engineers

MSM Consulting-Theodoros Mavrogeorgis

Project Team

Petros Karageorgos, Iasonas Zervas, Gerasimos Papadopoulos, Maria Sereti, Eliza Skordili, Stathis Chliaoutakis, Mina Psychogiou, Stefania Frousiou, Kyriakos Giannakidis


First prize in the invited architectural competition "General Renovation of the Outdoor Facilities of the German School of Athens ".

General Renovation of the Outdoor Facilities of the German School of Athens and conversion of the DSA street into a pedestrian zone.

The proposed architectural project aims to transform the outdoor spaces of the German School of Athens, addressing the diverse needs of education, socialization, individual and collective expression, and fostering creativity. The primary focus is on the students, treating them as central users of the space.
The proposal’s spatial organization is based on a free-flowing line designed around a grid system. This system regulates the relationship between soft and hard surfaces, movement and stillness, creating a dynamic and versatile environment. Symbolically, this interplay represents the balance between freedom and discipline in education.
The outdoor spaces are envisioned as dynamic learning tools, offering opportunities for outdoor classes, participatory activities, and creative expression. The design encourages the cultivation of different uses and playful interactions, contributing to the gradual formation and education of fundamental principles in an innovative and engaging manner.

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